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Type series


Technical description

Description of shape

The KMF-Ball thrust bearing – AXIAL-SLIM-SPLIT-BEARING uses a four point geometry. Due to these four contact points (presure angle 90°) this axial thrust ball bearing has an extremely high axial Basic load ratings in relation to the small bearing cross-cut.
Axial thrust ball bearings are mostly so called vertical bearings (turning axes vertical) and can not transmit any radial loads.
These bearings are no self holding units. The assembly of the bearing parts (bearing rings, balls and cage) can be done separately and is for bigger diameters more easy.



The ball thrust bearings of the type series PBAU, PBAA, PBAC and PBAD are corrosion resistant. Axial bearing rings are made of stainless steel X46Cr13 (material code 1.4034). The cage is made of plastic.


Operating conditions

The temperature limits of the standard bearing in continuous operation are -40°C and +100°C, temporary up to +120°C.


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